Let's make controlled disasters together!

Welcome to Balma Studio

At Balma Studio, we believe that decoration is much more than beautifying spaces; It is a form of personal and creative expression. We are a workshop of handmade decoration objects, where each creation has its own personality, with details and singularities that make them unique.

Here we don't follow boring rules and regulations: we experiment, twist things and see what happens.

Our motto: more laughter, less stress.

Creative Journey

Natalia and the Resins

Behind every Balma Studio creation is Natalia, the creative mind and heart behind this project. Her passion for art and design took her to Vienna, where she worked with master goldsmiths such as Gunter Guggenberger and Michael Peschta. He also explored the magical Murano workshops in Venice, an experience that profoundly shaped his artistic approach. Upon returning to Spain, Natalia fell madly in love with resins, and Balma Studio was born in 2020.

Our Creations

do it with your hands

Accessible and Fun Art

We want to be that little push you need to express your creativity and transform your home into an authentic reflection of your style. For this reason, at Balma Studio we offer experiences that inspire and empower: from our DIY kits designed to awaken your creative side, to the courses where we accompany you step by step on your artistic adventure.

I want to create with Balma

Thanks for exploring Balma Studio

We hope you join our community and discover the magic of creating with your own hands. Here, every piece tells a story, and we can't wait to share this adventure with you.